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Finding good quality brands of this essential foodgrain is important.

 You can get a variety online. This foodgrain mainly contains carbohydrates and is often consumed in large quantities. It also contains sufficient amounts of fibre, protein, vitamin B, iron and manganese. This means it can be an essential food source. Many varieties of this foodgrain are available in India, and the consumption is based on different regions. Rice is categorised based on unique taste, aroma and properties, so for different types of dishes, different varieties of this foodgrain are used. The advantage of purchasing food grains online is that you can read through the customer reviews as well as prices for different varieties. Some commonly used types include Sona Masuri, Basmati, brown, jasmine, boiled, black, samba, and many more. You can compare the rice (online) prices and choose the ones that suit your requirements. doorstep

INDIAN Bastmati Rice

 Brands such as India Gate, B&B Organics, Daawat, Manna, Octavius Gold, OMSOM and many more are available on the e-store. You can browse through the range and place your order today to get it delivered to your